Friday, 13 March 2020

Art For My Soul

Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing a very special project which I made for the Iridescent Secret Challenge.Something I resonated to this group since the day I joined is the tag #artforthesoul .It made me think of how why and when I started crafting.This project for me was bringing my this emotion to a one of  Jaya Raghuvanshi project which inspired me visually.

A little about my journey,how it all started and how Important Crafting is for me...

I suffer a chronic inflammatory disease called as Ankylosing Spondylitis.During the period of trying to get a diagnosis,a doctor gave a wrong diagnosis and recommend a treatment which just after one night of the treatment changed my life forever. I woke to debilitating pain which lasted for a little more than 4 years and making be bedridden for this period. I was in shock,in unexplainable pain both physically and emotionally.After a few days of chronic pains the person accepts and learns to live and deal with it,learns to suffer in silence. It's the over whelming emotions of guilt,feeling like a burden on your loved once , feeling  useless, lonliness... battling these feelings, fighting every instinct to give up gets very challenging .The purpose of your life gets blur by each day.Could literally feel my soul scream in hopelessness.
I can go on and on but let's move to the next chapter.

During this time ,one day mom said she would teach me hand embroidery if I was interested and I said yes only to kill the boredom. For my surprise I enjoyed it, ended up learning from a teacher who was ready to come home and teach me.I started doing a saree for my mom and next I knew friends and family asked me to do for them. The more I did the more I was falling in love with it. For the very first time in a long time felt a sense of happiness,was feeling a sense of peace.I wanted to do more as so I decided to take classes,it gave me a opportunity to meet new people helped me gain my confidence back .Crafting helped me find myself ,it made me feel like I could do something.Felt useful.
But even this came to an end as the disease had started to effect my shoulder's. Had to take a break for a year.
I am inherently a active person,can't stay idol.So I began looking into other forms of arts and crafts,this is when I came across Decoupage, mixed media , resin art and many more which I tried, but these are the 3 which I enjoy the most.

From feeling useless to being able to earn, gave me a sense freedom & Independence  .I was proud,crafting has given me a lot of proud moments. It gave me hope,it made me want to get better.And all this started to reflect on my health. One of the doctors had even told me that I would be bedridden for the rest of my life but I guess this new found positivity helped me get better. Today I can walk with help of the crutches,but I can walk.I live much  independently .Even though I physically hurt all the time, emotionally and mentally I am so much stronger .

What I lost was my whole life because of someone else wrong judgement,I might never be able to heal nor can I be ok with it completely.I will never be able to do all the things I want. But that doesn't stop me from living my life today.I have only about 30% mobility left with enduring chronic pains every second of my life but I do everything I can.Even though I am feeling exhausted ,  though by the end of the day I am sore and have swollen fingers I still craft ,cause I find my solace in crafting.It is the only time I dont think about the pain.Its the only time all the negative voices in my head gets quiter.
I have a amazingly supportive parents, awesome set of friends, family members who are always I want to appreciate the things I have instead of thinking about the things I don't. Every single day for the past 21years of my life i have been in a battle with my self and Without the support of these people I might have not  been able to stay strong through all of it,will ever be Thankful to all those who have been a continuous support in this journey.Even to all my social media friends who's likes and comments have always motivated me.

This journey has been adventure not the kind I intend but it has been,all this experience has taught me a lot,has made me a better person,taught me to live in the moment,all that fear was only in my head,to keep fighting.The only luxury you need is a loving and a supportive family and life gets so much easier and is Beautiful.
When your own body become's a enemy,your body is the cage you are trapped in,there is no blind sighting or denying or escaping,you can give up or fight it and I choose to fight. Have patience and don't give up however hard you think it is and things will get better.
More strength to all the people who are battling with whichever obstacles.

Here is the ' ART FOR MY SOUL '

Thanks for reading this long post,Thanks for being part of this journey.The reason I decided to share this was to spread some positivity and I hope by reading this you take the good from it.The strength of  feeling passionate to art did so much good for me and i hope you find your passion.

Happy Crafting!!!
Arpita Tornal

If you are interested in taking part in this Challenge you can join here

Monday, 9 March 2020

Decoupage on Glass Bottle

Hello Everyone...

Arpita here,I am sharing another home decor project with you all today. Have Decoupage'd a Bottle today. I had this beautiful green bottle with me and I wanted to work on it,when I started planning this project as I liked the natural color of the bottle I wanted the natural bottle to be seen . So decided not to Decoupage the complete bottle.

So Here is What I Made...

This pic shows the back of the bottle

A Brief Tutorial of the Same

Step 1

Stuck the tacky tape diagnolly. This helped the paint from getting on the area I didn't want.

Step 2

Painted with the Midnight Dreams Chalk Paint using a sponge dauber. Have given 2 coats of the paint.

Step 3

Decided to do stenciling.Have used Moss green and Buttercream chalk paint for the stencilling.

Step 4

Stick your fussy cut flowers.

Am using the Black Floral Print Decoupage paper today. Fussy cut the flowers I wanted to use.

Finally removed the tacky tape. Be patient during this step as you do not want to rip the paint off. Then stuck the fussy cut flowers on to the bottle . Added a cord and a embellishment to add some interest and my bottle was ready. Hope you all like this easy and fun tutorial.

Materials Used

Black Floral Print Decoupage paper -
 Decoupage Glue -
 Stencils -;
 Midnight dreams Chalk Paint -
 Moss Green Chalk Paint -
 Buttercream Chalk Paint -

Thank You for stopping by...
Happy Crafting!!!
Arpita Tornal

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Reverse Decoupage On A Glass Plate

Hello Everyone,

Arpita here,Today have another Decoupage project. Decoupage is very versatile with a lot of different techniques. Today will be Sharing a decor piece which is very easy to make and looks Beautiful made using the Reverse Decoupage Technique with a video tutorial.

So here is what I made,


Materials Used

Decoupage Glue -

Snow White -

Gilding Flakes -

Decoupage Paper -

Thank you for stopping by...
Happy Crafting!!!
Arpita Tornal

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Decoupage with Wood Grain Technique

Hello Everyone...

Today I have another Decoupage project, I tried wood graining technique for the first time and I am happy with the result. I Decoupage’d a trinket box using this technique.

A Brief Tutorial

I have used the beautiful-Vintage Butterflies 1 decoupage papers from Craftangles.

Step -1

For the base coat I have used the brown and black shades of paint. Poured both the colours randomly on the top of the box and painted to achieve a lovely shaded effect.


For the topcoat, I have chosen the vintage Blue and snow White paint. Again I painted both colours together to achieve a shaded effect.

When your paint is still wet drag the wood grain tool in a rocking motion towards you to achieve a lovely wood grain effect.

Step – 3

I did stenciling of a phrase. Next I fussy cut a butterfly from the Vintage Butterflies paper and decoupage’d the butterfly with the Decoupage glue.
Finally sealed it with a coat of clear varnish.

Here is the final look of the box

Materials Used

Vintage Blue –

Snow White –

Vintage Butterflies –

Decoupage Glue –

Stencils –;

Thank you for stopping by...
Happy Crafting!!!
Arpita Tornal

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Decoupaged Coaters With Shimmer

Hello Everyone...

Wish you all a very Happy NewYear!Craftangles recently released Fairy Dust and Shimmer Dust which are perfect to add that extra sparkle for your Decoupage Products.I upcycled CD disk into some coasters and have a video tutorial for the same.

Here is what I made...

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Decoupaged Christmas Cards

Hello Everyone...

Arpita here,I am sharing a very easy way of making a card today with a video tutorial.I wanted to make a few cards for Christmas and thought if I could do using the Decoupage technique and the Decoupage papers and I was very happy with the outcome.Hope you like it as well .

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Christmas Decorations

Hello My Crafty Friends...

This month is all about Christmas and have made some Christmas Decorations.

So here is what I made...

Thank you for stopping by...
Happy Crafting!!!
Arpita Tornal

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