Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Decoupage on a LampShade

Hello my crafty friends......

It's me,Arpita here on the blog today....with a simple yet a beautiful project.I recieved this gorgeous lampshade base by THE ELEMENT CRAFT STUDIO and fell in love with this piece instantly,its so beautifuly desinged and coceptulized.I also recieved their recently launched decoupaged papers,which are 100gsm papers with great prints,lovely colors and has a great texture,i absolutely loved working with them.So here is what i made.....


1 .I roughly cut the decoupage paper to size of the panels adhered them using modpodge one panel at a time,sanded the extra paper..once done with all the panels I applied a coat of modpodge and 2 coats of varnish.

2 .Next was to paint the stand,i used lilac chalk paint...applied 2 coats of the chalk paint and to add some interest to the stand i decided to do some gilding using a silver leaf and did some stenciling using modelling pase on the base of the stand.

3. Finished it by adding a lace trim and some beads to the top part of the lampshade.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Altered book style box with a mini journal/album

Hello My Crafty Friends.........

It's me Arpita again on the blog today.Today I am sharing a cute little project,actually there is 2 projects in 1 today.A altered book style box and a accordin style mini journal/album,yes tried making a little accordin style mini journal book/album.Album making is very new to me and its my first was,enjoyed making it.
Will share a written tutorial with you at the end of the pictures.Hope you enjoy the projects.....

Tutorial for the altered box

1.First i started with the binding part,wanted to give it a faux leather look..for that i first tore a tissue into small bits and started to adhere them randomly on to the surface,did two layers of the same process as only one layer had not given as much texture i wanted.

2.To paint this i tried to take the colours complementing the colour of the paper i was using.i choose sap green,yellow ochre,pink and brown.I diluted these paints with water and stareted applying them each color at a time and letting them dry between each coat.painted till i was satisfied with the colour.

3.Wanted the side to look like pages,so i painted the base with brown once dried added a thick coat of gesso and as it was still wet took a comb to draw lines through it.

4.Now stuck the pattern paper,embelished them and i was done with the book box.And yes dont forget to varnish the inside of the box once u have painted it.

Tutorial for Accordin style mini journal/album

Before starting with the steps i want to say i have not used any score board or trimmers .all papers are cut by scissors,a normal blade.So if you are thinking you need to have all the tools to do this,no u dont.

1.As i wanted this to fit in my book box,took measurements suiting the box.
2.The album measures 4'' * 3''. Fistly i cut a white cardstock 9'' * 4'' strip,cut 3 strips with the same measurement.
3.At every 3'' made a fold for all the 3 strips and stuck them together.the last fold of the first strip overlaps the 1st fold of the 2nd strip.
4.Cut the pattern papers a quater inch smaller and stuck them on the raw album base.Also added some corner inserts and pockets.
5.Added a long piece of lace trim on the top which acts as a closure and i wa done.

Materials used :
 MDF Book Styke Box , Pattern Paper .Chipboard Embelishment used inside of the box all from The Element Craft Studio
Flowers,jute coils and the rest of the embelishments from my stash.
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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

MM tag (one true love)

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So this month has been all about love and so today i'm celebrating my passion and love with this little project.Crafts was not something i planned or even thought of as a career choice,it just happened and have loved every bit of it...crafting gave me confidence,new friends and has given me pure joy.Crafting has and is my *one true love*.I think enough of rambling now...let me show you the project.So here is a tag that i made with the products a day does'nt pass by without them .


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Challanges participating...
Products used from craftyscrappers - mini stencils- flower wines and Hearts , Lilac and tickled shimmer can visit HERE to buy all the products.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

Sip and Read

Hello My Crafty Friends.......

This is Arpita here today,I want to share with u all a very easy and a fun project today.I was planning to do this technique for a while now and when i saw the raw base of this magazine holder,I knew this is what i wanted to do,so here it is.... layered decoupage technique on this beautiful magazine holder.Let me share some pictures and simultaneously share the steps on how I did.  


    Steps :
1. Prepare your base by sanding to get a smooth surface.

2. I painted the inside with a color coordinating to my tisssue.I prefer to do my paintings first so i dont have to worry of getting any paint on my work.

3. Next i covered the base with decoupaging some magazine sheets.

4.Choose a tissue u want to use cut out the pattern from the tissue with wetting your brush a little,that way its easy to tear the tissue.

5 Once you have ur tissue pattern.decoupage the tissue on to surface you have prepared.The script is see through the tissue print and its creates a very interesting look to your project..

6.Apply a coat of modpodge to seal your project and then give it a coat of varnish to protect your work.Rember to give a gap of atleat 1-2 hours between each coat.

7. To add some interest and make it fun i stuck a hand written sentiment and added a few embelishments.

     Now lets take a look at the completed project...

Material used :
Magazine Holder - The Element Craft Studio
Rest of the embelishments  like the charms,flowers and scallop mdf cut out for the sentiment is from my stash

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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Mixed Media Cards

Hello Everyone........

I am back with another project,actually projects!
Had bought a few stencils and chippies a few days back and thought it was time to use them and so i created some interesting backgrounds for my cards using these supplies.So here are  the 4 simple mixed media cards...hope you guys enjoy and do let me know in the comments which is your favourite.

List of the materials used
Stencil s& chippies - the craft studio (icraft stencils)
dew drops - crafters corner (dress my craft)
flowers,colour splash sprays and pollens - itsy bitsy
the rest of the materials from my stash

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-Arpita Tornal

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Fly High

Hello my crafty friends.........

Before I start with the project,Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!!!!!

So today i am sharing my first mixed media layout with a small tutorial....hope you all enjoy it ,so lets begin.
I fisrt selected a picture that i wanted to use as my focal point,next step was to choose a pattern paper that co-ordinated with the picture which was going to be my canvas.

I covered the pattern paper with a coat of modpodge to protect the paper from crumpling from all the sprays that i would be using.
To create the background i used a few sprays drying them inbetween till i was sattisfied with the colour.
Now to create a little texture i stuck a liitle coconut fibre and started alligining my focal point and all the other chipboard and the flower embelishments to complete my layout.
Added a piece of wood with a hand written sentiment.
*have painted my chippies to match my other focal point and the other embelishments.
finally added some paint splatters to finih the layout.

So here comes the pictures................

List of the materials used
1. all the chipboard embelishments - The Element Craft Studio
2. colour splash & coconut fibre - itsy bitsy
3. The rest of the materials like pollens ,die cut leaves ,wooden piece for the sentiment and all the little embelishments from my stash.

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 Challanges enterd

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whats new - this is my first layout ever.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Black Beauty

Hello my crafty friends.......

Hope you all are doing fine.... sharing a little saturday morning project with you all today, I laid my eyes on this beautiful shaped soap dispenser and just felt could make it a little more this is what i did

Planned to decoupage on it and here is a little tutorial.......
firstly chose a print that i liked fusssy cut and then primed the suface of the dispenser with white acrylic paint.For the base color i choose black and to add some interest used the wood grain stencil .Remember to let the paint dry between each coat and finally decoupaged the print i fussy cut and sealed the whole pice with a coat of modpodge and 3 coats of varnish.


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Decoupage on a LampShade